Pittman-Sullivan Community Garden is situated at the corner of Dakota and S. Palmetto Streets and pays homage to a sunken garden that once graced Pittman-Sullivan Park from around 1920 to 1960. This east-side community garden combines the edible and beautification aspects of nearby community gardens. The gardeners plant flowers and grasses as insectaries plants and to promote species diversity.  Berry bushes, herbs and fruiting trees and other perennial food crops are planted to create a sustainable, edible landscape that will one day grow into a Food Forest. In the shape of a baseball diamond, home plate is represented by a shade structure that will do triple duty as stage for community performances, water-catchment system which has the capacity to hold up to 2,400 gallons of water, and grape arbor. A large, old shade tree stands in for second base, and planted berms and paths define the baselines. Grassy plains for play, picnicking and kite flying at their Annual Kite Festival, held in late March, fill the infield and outfields.